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Formed as a response to an overly complicated industry and marketplace, Nakyd LDN was established in June 2020 by Founder and Creator Sherisse Rogers.

A growing lifestyle brand, Nakyd LDN's current focus is to provide simple yet luxurious solutions for hair and skin, using natural, vegan and organically sourced ingredients.

Nakyd LDN was formed with a simple yet powerful driving ethos:

So what does that mean for you - the consumer?

Every aspect from conception, through to production, is designed to take a modern approach to an end result that delivers. Ingredients are sourced, for their intrinsic benefit to the overall formula, and formulas are kept simple by avoiding any of the extras irritants often found in mainstream brands.

Products are made in small batches, in order to retain the integrity and quality of the ingredients, as well as to offer a conscious, personal touch to your selfcare routine. 

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